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As an active collector I'm always searching for new items to add to my collection.  Whether you have a single item or a collection for sale I'd like to hear from you.  If you prefer to trade, tell me what interests you.  We might be able to work out an exchange. 

My interests in photography are broad.  The collection spans over 170 years dating back to the 1840s.

Current Area of Interest
My primary area of interest in recent years has been the history of color photography.  My collection includes specialized color cameras that were manufactured by Curtis Laboratories, Devin Colorgraph Company, Bermpohl & Company, Oskar Mikut, OMI (Sunshine camera and projector), Professional Camera Manufacturing Company, Pellicles Camera Company, Hess-Ives Corporation, Optikotechna, Reckmeier, Jos Pe Farbenphoto, Sanger-Shepherd and National Photocolor/Lerochrome. 

This type of camera is known by a variety of names, the most common being color-separation, tri-color, three-color and bipack.  A color-separation camera takes three separate black and white photographs of a subject.  Each of the three photographs is taken through a different colored filter.  The filter colors are red, green and blue.  After development the three black and white negatives are combined by any of a variety of means to form a full-color image.

The three exposures can be made simultaneously or sequentially. Cameras that take three simultaneous exposures are called single-shot or one-shot cameras.  When the photos are exposed in sequence this is usually done with a repeating or sliding back camera.  I also collect separation camera accessories, manuals, literature, catalogs, price sheets, company documents and related ephemera.

Additional items that I collect are vintage color images, media and packaging including Autochrome, Filmcolor, Lumicolor, Alticolor, Dufaycolor, Finlaycolor, lenticular Kodacolor, Kodachrome, Paget, Agfacolor, color plates and film in original boxes, images made by these processes and color assembly process prints such as dye transfer and especially color carbro.

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