Scott's Photographica Collection

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If you were sent to this page by a search engine and cannot find the item you were looking for, check the Gone page.   Photos and descriptions of traded items that might be useful for research have been moved there.

Sale/Trade items are organized in two categories:

  1. Photographica
  2. Other collectibles

Some items are offered for trade, others for sale or trade.  Please see my Wanted page for a list of items I am looking for.  If you are interested in an item, send an email.  If you have items of your own to offer in trade mention them in the email.  On sale items, I accept PayPal and other forms of payment.  I trade on eBay.  You can check my feedback there under my eBay ID:

I offer a no-questions-asked return guarantee.  If you are not happy with an item for any reason, send an email within 3 days of receipt.  When I receive the returned item in the same condition it was sent, I'll refund the purchase price plus one-way shipping.  

My email address is:

Photographica for Sale/Trade

No items at this time.  Please check back.


Other Collectibles for Sale/Trade

No items at this time.


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This page was updated August 19, 2003