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hand-tinted photograph of a sailor
Hand-Colored Print of a Sailor


hand-colored photograph of a dancer
Hand-Colored Print of a Dancer

A Personal Perspective
On a recent Saturday while away from home I had a few hours to kill so I spent the time rummaging through antique stores looking for, as usual, old cameras and photographs.  I ran across the photograph of a sailor, shown above, in the first store I visited.  When searching through old photographs I've always ignored hand-colored prints.  Frankly, I've long been prejudiced against them.  Over the years I've added hand-colored daguerreotypes and ambrotypes to my collection but I would have chosen those images anyway, even if they had not been colored.  I felt that hand-coloring rarely improved a portrait.

The photo of the sailor caught my eye because the color seemed more natural than usual.  Thinking that this would be a good example to own I bought my first hand-colored print.

In the very next store I found the print of the dancer.  This print also appealed to me, but for very different reasons.  I can't say the color is natural-looking, but still, the photograph held my attention.  To me, the color is exuberant; it reflects the woman's joyous energy.  It's a happy image and the exuberant application of color amplifies the mood.

Live and learn.  It's good to see things in a new light.  Since that Saturday I've collected additional hand-colored prints.  I still see prints that I don't care for, but now I'm also finding ones that I like.

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