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Photax V


Photax V Front View
Photax V


This incredible looking plastic camera was the creation of Manufacture d'Isolants et d'Objets Moulés, abbreviated M.I.O.M., located in Vitry-sur-Seine, France.  The company was in the plastics molding business.  I believe all of the cameras they produced were of molded bakelite or plastic.  The Photax V dates to ca 1956.  Of all the models M.I.O.M. created, this is my favorite because of its dramatic lines.


Photax V Top View
Photax V

This is a simple dual-format camera for 620 size film, capable of taking 6 x 6 cm or 6 x 9 cm photographs.  Shutter speed settings are 1/25, 1/100 second, and bulb.  The shutter is synchronized for flash.  The lens is a Heanar with two aperture settings - numbered  1 and 2.  A large threaded tube holds the lens and shutter.  When the camera is not in use, the tube can be turned back into the body making this a compact camera to carry.  The simple viewfinder shows the field of view for both film formats.  Exposures are counted using the red window system.


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