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Leroimystic - Solution for Making Invisible Pictures




Is this parlor trick a suitable item for the serious photographica collector?  Sure it is.  If collecting can't be fun, then why bother?

The day I bought this mystical image eraser I'd driven over 500 miles looking for serious collectibles.  I had no choice but to buy it.  This was all I could find.  I could either laugh or cry - I chuckled.  After that much driving and searching I was ready to buy anything.


Leroimystic Label

Leroimystic Label


Leroimystic turns your photographs invisible.  I've taken quite a few photographs that are well suited for this treatment.

You rub this poison on your print.  Wash under running water for 30 minutes and let the print dry.  The image disappears.  The small blue container contains a white powder that is used to make the image reappear.  Wet your finger, put it in the white powder and wipe a small bit of paste on the print margin, outside the image area.  When you are ready to amaze friends and family lick your finger and brush the invisible goo over the print.  Voila!  The image reappears!

And they said daguerreotypists suffered health problems from breathing mercury fumes.  After giving a few performances with this stuff I would recommend a visit to the family doctor.

The box label tells us this is lots of fun, and a money maker.  I'll need to give that some thought.


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