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Mahogany Tailboard Camera, ca 1888 Nippon Kogaku Nikon S3 Camera


Welcome! the Web site of an incurable photographica collector.  Photographica?  One of those modern words not yet listed in the dictionary.  Each of us afflicted with the photographica collecting habit probably has our personal definition of this word.  To me, it means just about anything related to photography, with emphasis on artifacts - photographic + artifact.

Collectors tend to be curious.  As we delve deeper into our field, we discover more questions than answers.  So, question number one.  Who coined the word photographica?

Such stream of consciousness is pretty much what you will find in these pages.  Hopefully not incoherent gibberish but the thoughts and questions of one with a life-long fascination in all aspects of photography.

Almost every item in this site is described in detail and accompanied with additional photographs.  As you browse the site, click on an item of interest.  If you have an answer to one of my many questions, new information to share, or just want to say hello send an email to Scott at:

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Unbelievable but true...  Just today, March 4, 2002 I received an email that was sent October, 2001.  And we criticize the Postal Service!

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