Scott's Photographica Collection

Decorative Tin for DuPont Cine Film

DuPont Panchromatic Film Tin

Tin for DuPont 35mm Panchromatic Negative Film

When I purchased this film tin from an antiques dealer, she told me an interesting bit of photographic trivia. Do you know how "pancake makeup" got its name?

This is a great looking tin especially considering this product was probably sold to professional film studios.  I have never seen another tin for 35mm cine film as flamboyant as this one.  The graphic is of a city street at night with two motion picture house marquees prominently placed.   The film length is 401 feet, a standard size for cinematography.  Given these two clues I think it is a safe bet that this film was intended to be sold as cine film.

By the way, the information that the 400 foot length is a standard load for 35mm cine cameras came from Mr. Michael Rogge of the Netherlands.   If you are interested in cinematographica go to his Cinematographica Web site.  You could spend hours there (well, I did).

The tin does not carry an expiration date.  I would like to hear from anyone who can help date this item.  My hunch is ca 1930.


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