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Ansco Matchbook Front Cover
Ansco Matchbook Front Cover

Here's a hot marketing concept.  To promote the low-light sensitivity of their new Super Anscochrome Tungsten color film, Ansco created this very original promotional item - an exposure guide and light source for 22 available light exposures.  Ansco suggested using an exposure of 1/5 second at f/2.0 while holding one of their lit matches 6 to 10 inches from the subject's face.  Super Anscochrome Tungsten film, introduced in 1958, had an exposure index of 100 ASA .

Printed on the inside and back of the matchbook are exposure guides for clear flash exposures and household lighting (including candle light).  The matchbook is quite large - measuring 3 1/2 x 4 inches.

The matchbook comes in a foil-lined envelope intended for mailing.  The envelope announces Something HOT from Ansco.  Curiously, patent number 2,189,055 is printed on the envelope.  So I had to see what was patented.   You'll find the patent documents on the Patents page.


Ansco Matchbook Opened
Ansco Matchbook Opened


Ansco Matchbook Back Cover
Ansco Matchbook Back Cover


Mailing Envelope
Matchbook Mailing Envelope

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